1Thank to my large range of knowledge and abilities I can offer many different services to my customers that are both well-known firms and private people; with some of them I've built a strong relationship, in fact with these ones I've been working since ten tears. Here is a list of some of my customers:

  ABB arrredamenti Stand creation
  ACl Web-site, consulting
  Aeronautica militare Prefabricated lodgings
  AGIP petroli Gruppo ENI Intranet interface system
  Andreotti impianti Web-site
  Apicultura Vangelisti web site
  Ariete elettrodomestici Logos, electrical appliances design
  Artex Interactive CD-Rom
  Aruba Art director
  Ass.ne Commercianti Arezzo Teachings of advanced communication tecniques
  BMW Accessories for Accessories design
  Capalbo web site
  CAT - Caterpillar Research and development
  Centro Revisioni ass.to Web-site, consulting
  CitroŽn italia Art director
  Comune Firenze CD-Rom
  Cotto Impruneta s.p.a. New product design
  Endemol s.p.a. Graphic & Multimedia
  ERG Prefabricated freeway gas-station
  Gianfranco Ballerini Interactive CD-Rom, web-site
  Ducati motor Prototype, research and development
  GSG Yacht motor boat Yacht prototype, design and development
  Guardia di Finanza Logo, consulting
  Gucci Research and development
  Hoffmann Raoul & C. web site
  Lorj Abbigliamento web site
  Mandarina Duck Buckles and spring-clips prototypes
  Mitsushi Prototype
  Osama research and development Pen
  Operazione Trionfo Graphic & Multimedia
  PAPINI arredamenti prototype Sofas and armchairs
  Parabailar - Pasonuevo interior design Stand, graphic consulting
  Pasta Plateau web site
  PIAGGIO Centro stile Prototype, research and development
  Pininfarina Prototype, research and development
  Radio Italia 5 Web-site, graphic consulting
  Roberto Cavalli reserved
  Seat Autosaloni Models
  Softeco Graphic consulting
  Stikkens italia Interactive CD-Rom
  Talù Pigiami e lingerie web site
  Target Arredamenti Web-site Bookcase project
  Tefal - TVS Pot prototype
  Wigam Reserved
  Würth Research and development